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Christine & Graham Lynch

Barthalé, 09300, Montferrier

00 33 (0) 5 61 05 39 12

the ariegeoise cyclosportive

The Ariegeoise is our local cyclosportive, held in late June each year just before the Tour de France. Three separate courses are offered - the Ariegeoise itself, 160-odd km with plenty of climbing, basically equal to a Tour de France or Etape stage, the Mountagnole, around 100km and still plenty difficult, and the more friendly Passejade taking in 70km on a fairly flat course.

This year both the longer courses finish up the Plateau de Beille - as seen in this years Tour de France. Your hosts Graham and Christine each completed courses in previous years, Graham doing the Mountagnole as part of his Etape training, and Christine doing very well to finish the Passejade in under 4 hours for four years in a row. Join us for next year's event, or before that for some training rides.

See here for the official Ariegeoise website.